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"People get scared by reality."
- Bruce Turek 20050513

"We are incompetent, not under staffed"
- John Romano 20050526

"Don't be a perfectionist, be a very goodest"
- Bruce Turek 20050830

"It's not that I don't like people; I just feel better when theyt are not around"
- Kosy Amirales 20051110

"I'm sure it's something."
- Tim Quast 20051128

"I am so one person"
- Maureen Goergen 20060302

"Annual maintenance goes on each year."
- John Gerhardt 20060310

"Nobody feels good at 2:00 in the morning."
- Kimberly Marshall 20060315

"Screw the poor! Let's go back to the moon."
- Tim Quast 20060316

"In general, I can't agree with absolutes."
- Arthur Schwieger 20061109

"Why is religion so important to those Muslim people?"
- Sarah Fang 20061204

"We need two types of null"
- Arthur Schwieger 20070625

"Null is a representation of nothing being stored.
Zero is a representation of Nothing being stored."

- Tim Quast 20070707

"Here is why this problem was originally developed."
- Doug Weber 20110929